Air Sealing

Many people will go to considerable efforts to increase their level of home comfort. Whether you replace outdated insulation with new materials or upgrade your HVAC system, there are numerous ways to improve your home's performance. One of the most critical components of a high-performing home is its airtightness, which can be attained only through skilled air sealing.

If your home is anything like the majority of homes, it's likely that it's riddled with microscopic cracks and openings that allow for unwelcome airflow between the interior and outside. Air sealing is the solution, and it has a slew of advantages.

Improved Home Comfort Through Air Sealing
At the end of the day, everyone desires a pleasant residence. It's frequently easier said than done for those who live in older homes, which may suffer from drafts and other difficulties that impair comfort.

Whether it's to keep out the summer heat or the winter chill, a home must be sealed to be comfortable. Otherwise, in the winter, your heat will escape and in the summer, cool, conditioned air will escape through cracks and crevices. By air sealing, you may successfully contribute to a more comfortable home environment.

Indoor Air Quality Enhancement (IAQ)
Indoor air quality (IAQ) is sometimes taken for granted or disregarded. We rarely consider it, and many individuals really live in areas with bad air quality and are unaware of the situation.

Due to the fact that fractures and holes in the building envelope can allow unclean, potentially polluted air from the outside or the garage to flow into the home, inadequately sealed homes frequently have indoor air quality issues. If leaks are addressed and the home is adequately ventilated, indoor air quality problems will become less widespread.

Savings on Energy Bills
If given the opportunity, the majority of individuals would gladly pay less for energy each month. If your energy bills have skyrocketed in recent years, it's likely because your HVAC systems are working overtime to maintain a pleasant temperature in your house.

It could be a sizing issue, but it's more than likely caused by insufficient air sealing and insulation. When your home is properly sealed and insulated, your heating and cooling systems can work at maximum efficiency, saving you money while maintaining comfort.